Who is life coach Rashida Costa?


Credentials and Affiliations

South University: Bachelors of Science in Health Science

Ross Schoool of Business at The University of Michigan: Leading people and teams

University of Washington: Dynamic Public Speaking

University of the Rockies:  Masters in Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student


Rashida is known to many as the nation’s life coach. Acclaimed author of 365 Days Smarter, and founder of The Wisdom Corner.
For many years, she has been the guiding light and a compass for diverse well-achieved clientele, among those who are professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents, to name a few.
Rashida is a master at dissolving stumbling blocks, leaving a clear path for her clients to trod down the path to success.
You’ve probably heard her on the radio fervidly expressing her philosophy on life, and the various angles from which we may approach it, living to our fullest each and every day, while embodying your most elevated sense of self.
Rashida offers one- on -one coaching, maintains the full operation of the Wisdom Corner and actively engages in book production, fostering a directive purpose and end goal for the future and success of her clients.
Spending time with her husband Paul, son Antares and feisty mini Schnauzer Cheeze, keeps her grounded.