How to Change your mindset.

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming distaste for the way your oversized couch sits in your living room? In some cases people will literally sit there and bitch about it, day in and day out. But will never actually take a solution based step.

My ear is ringing with all the excuses why they can do nothing about it. Well, if you have an issue that is actively causing a feeling of repugnance, and doing nothing works best for you, then shut the hell up.
No one, including myself likes a complainer. You can always do something to change the negative feelings that control your mindset.
Yes, even when you are sitting at the stupid DMV. Under those circumstances, you’re still in control, and how often do you have to go there anyway?

Your established set of attitudes is no different towards life than it is your couch, at least it should not be. The bottom line is taking affirmative actions to change the outcome of that which brings feelings that are unproductive to your mindset is the ultimate goal.
“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
— William James

5 ways to change your mindset.

1. Self-reflection and awareness.

It is very easy to observe the weaknesses and flaws in others, but seem to be a daunting task when it comes to taking our own inventory. The next time you are in a bad mood per se, take a few minutes to observe the pros vs the cons of such a mindset.

A. What great opportunities did you miss out on as a result of your attitude?
B. Did you gain anything?
C. Were you compensated for being in such a mood?
D. Did that mindset enhance or hinder your productivity?
E. Would it have been that hard or bad of an idea to simply shift your mindset?

2. Acknowledging negative languages.

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Now that you have identified this behavior that drives your negative thought process, simply replace your negative thoughts with a positive thought. You will be surprise how effective this strategy is.

A hypothetical could be a negative thought about your weight, instead of focusing on the desired end result, focus on the progress that you have made. Perhaps your goal is to lose 15lbs, do not let that drive your focus, alternatively focus on the 5lbs that you have lost thus far, and reward yourself with positive thinking.

3. Accountability.

Have you ever heard someone say “I am in a bad mood because….. Or I can’t because…..
And everything and every reason blames something or someone else.
Maintaining control of your emotions and reactions will definitely fuel your attitude. Lots of times we find ourselves in situations where it is immensely difficult to wear a smile or look the other way. It is perfectly ok, you do not have to do either, your only task in such situations is to maintain control of your reaction.

4. Mental freedom.

Often times people are enslaved mentally. They find themselves in this pattern of thinking, convinced that they are bound to a certain set of thoughts, and derailing from those thoughts means they are out of bounds with who they are.
This is what I refer to as mental enslavement. As aforementioned, having mental flexibility that allows you to shift your thoughts from negative to positive is a great mental habit to practice.
Negative thoughts are not fighting their way in; they have already embedded themselves in your subconscious mind.
Therefore it is highly encouraged that you are proactive with your habits, and the thoughts that drive those habits.

5. Envisioning the end result.

The fundamental knowledge of our existence relies heavily on our awareness and how in touch we are with reality.
Having a clear picture in our minds of what our journey looks like, the involvement of that journey, and the required tools that are needed as we embark along that journey, paints a very vivid finishing line.
With that being said, while you envision your journey, being fully equipped for bumps and bruises along the way is especially imperative.

It would be unwise to climb a mountain with only one bottle of water, on the premise that you feel fully hydrated at the beginning of the journey, and anticipate that you will remain that way.
In a uniform fashion, how you approach life is no different.
“The best dreams are the ones with your eyes open.”
Rashida Costa

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  1. She is actually one of the most inspiring and motivational speaker I’ve ever come across. I’ve memorized many of her lines and teachings, and I now try as much as possible to apply them in my everyday life, and ever since I started imbibing her messages, my life has witnessed noticeable improvement.
    Rashida Costa is really changing lives with her wisdom.

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