People Are Like Crayons




People are like crayons, they both come in many different shapes, forms, and colors, but they all have one thing in common and that is expression.
While people express themselves, they all do it differently. A pink crayon does not give the same expression as that of a white crayon. However, a box of crayon has many different colors, regardless of what color one may choose, they will all either write or draw.
It is disappointing that race plays such an important factor in this world. Have you ever watched a group of children doing a coloring activity? They all enjoy using different colors, at the end of it all they create a work of art that they love, and one that is meaningful to them.

Is it ok for little jack to tell little Sarah that her work of art is inferior because she choose to create it using a red crayon, and he choose a green crayon?

I once worked with a group of children and their attorney; these children were expelled from the Sierra High school in Colorado Springs, following a brawl.
I sat in the meeting with the parents and members of the school board, my sole interest and concern was the student’s best interest, and that is they belong in school getting their education.
These students were not afforded equality.
Everyone is deserving of an education regardless of their skin color. I see us as a group of crayons.
There is no rank or degree of importance with one crayon over another. They are all colors with a purpose to express.

The same way regardless of our skin color, we are all humans created in different ways, locations, and at different times, but underneath it all, we all breathe life.
The nation is torn apart and divided by race. Everything seems to be about race these days. The agendas of Political figures, agendas of criminal justice officials, agendas of education officers, agendas of religious leaders, agendas of children playing on the playground, agendas of distributors and where they place certain products in the stores.

You get the point I could go on and on. I am not here to dispel these perceptions as myths, or confirm them as reality. We just need to live in unity and get along, at the end of it all, we are all equal.
We are all a group of colorful crayons, beautiful inside and out.