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Your visit today serves me with a smile, and a sense of excitement! Living for those life changing moments and recognizing the call to action, is the reason I became a life coach. And you and I know both know that it is no coincidence that you're here browsing these pages.
Each and every one of us possess the potential for greatness, unlocking that greatness is the key.
So come on, we have work to do!

It is never too late to achieve success!


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Negative thoughts cannot enter where there are barriers. So often in life people are stuck in a pattern of unproductive behavior that averts them from stepping into their future as they were meant to. This is because they are trapped and enslaved in negativity. When you break the shackles and chains and free yourself from negativity, you are able to race towards positivity, and that is a continuous journey, but you must make the choice. There is no finishing line in the positivity race; you may slow down to catch your breath, but you must keep moving forward.

Life is not going to be easy, we are made stronger and wiser by the very test of faith and the challenges that we endure in life. We are not here to concern ourselves with endurance through life; alternatively we must persevere, push forward, put on our best hats and do the things we were called to do.

Healing a hurt soul is an arduous task, but it is by receiving healing and putting forth forgiveness that we will be free to answer our calling.

The thought that consistently arouses curiosity is that life never asks you how much time you have, or how you want to spend your time, it likes to take the lead. It's up to you to make a change if life is taking you in a direction that is a distraction to your vision and your purpose.

You may become hackneyed, heartbroken, and even angry because you feel that you have been dealt a bad hand of cards. The good thing about that is that you will never pick up another pack of cards if the lesson was received, and if you do, you will be able to discern those players as soon as they pop up.

Here are a few tips to maintaining positivity and staying motivated:

  • Do not go through life being rooted to negative thinking and fear. Your thoughts will become your reality, and all those fears too will find a way to manifest itself.
  • Ask yourself, 'What am I so afraid of?' While you think about that, I will take a guess. People are usually afraid of the unknown because it is an unfamiliar territory. If you ask most people do they have faith, they will oftentimes say yes, well, faith too is anomalous territory. Do not be fearful of the unknown.
  • Don't talk yourself out of your destiny.
  • In life we have a propensity to seek validators. I say this kindly, but get rid of this mindset, where you think you need someone to validate your dreams, goals and who you are as an individual.
  • Others don't always share our vision, and that's ok. The only validation you need is your own. The reason why some people end up dispirited, is because they choose to make people their drug of choice, and are constantly going back to those people to get their fix, in order to feel better about themselves.

I am here today to tell you, deactivate this practice, you're enough, and sometimes you're looking to people for what they don't even have for themselves.

Surround yourself with positivity, and weed out negativity like you weed your garden.

As you go through your life, live freely and happily, 'Don't be deterred by obstacles, use them as an opportunity to learn and grow.' Rashida Costa


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